Samsofy – Lego Photographer

Samsofy was a photographer that lived in  Lyon who was  born in 1981.

He officially started his photography career in  in extreme sports photography in urban areas. 

Although soon moved his focus of work around the very appreciated small yellow characters (e.g Lego Figures.)

He then combined his techniques of photography, e.g street art, model making and installation to deliver a message, which often mixes politics, humor and poetry.
He represents the theme of  playing around with scales and matter in order to alter perception.

He says that his technique is to achieve the idea of “trying to take pictures that mixes the extremely big and the microscopic to help the naked eye discover what one can’t see usually.”

His work has inspired me for my own project, the use of his varied techniques and ideas gave me some inspiration to what type of things I could achieve for my own work.

For example some of my most liked photographs from his work are the following-




Overall Evalation- For my little people project.

Overall I think this project went successful & that I achieved well in majority of my outcome of images that I have shared. 

My first day of the project, I feel that I really picked up the idea and general theme of what the task was.
I feel that I generally at first focused more on scale factor and had a better understand of the idea of making the Lego figure look more like it was living in the big world, having everything towering over the Little Lego figure , or next to other objects that tend to look small to us already yet emphasise the fact of how small the Lego figure actually is. 

Although after about the 2nd week of the project I soon had a better understanding of different perspectives of making / enlarging the Lego figures by the use of angles, this giving the impression that the Lego figures are average size against something that is actually much larger than it in comparison.

The issues I feel that held me back from creating different and maybe also more humours photographs was the lack of available/ resourceful props that was acceptable for the Lego figures.

I feel if there was more props, this could of gave me the opportunity to play about with different ideas, that could of improved the range of images to add a more varied and more humours themes.

Although I did have one prop which was a accessory for the Lego figure , which was made to look like a camera, this I feel was one of the key things that made some of my work more successful. I think this is due to the more opportunity it gave me to vary my ideas and gives me more intriguing scenes that I could create.

After the first day of the project I started to be thinking of ideas and themes I could create, I researched and found other photographers that were specialising in either Lego or plastic figure photography, which did give me inspiration to what I could create and achieve for my own photographs for the project.

I personally don’t particularly notice an overall locked theme for the project, I feel that I just went with a variety of themes and ideas to create a wider range of different photographs. 

Although I guess if you was to pin a theme down overall, that it would be that I tended to theme a scene to the actually Lego figure for example, if the Lego figure was themed and dressed as a chef, I would then set up a scene to link with the Lego Chef, such as a kitchen,food,cutlery and so on.

So I guess that could be a general theme I carried on with.

I feel that all my pictures came out successfully, although my favourite sections to the overall project was most likely, ‘The Little Wedding‘, ‘The Little Adventure‘ and also maybe the ‘First Day of the project‘.

I think this is because I really got into this particular section, and found these both most challenging but also most successful.

I would and did notice also my less successful section, which O would say was my ‘The Little Worker‘ & also ‘The Little Chef‘, I feel this was not as much the scene or the settings as I feel that went well, but more to the actual photograph which I feel wasn’t taken to my best ability.

I feel that these 2 sections both lacked the strong concentration of focusing on the Lego figures, which didn’t make some particular images as effective as they could have been.

I also feel that an overall issue with them two sections was the dull/dim lighting. The lack of bright lighting or even natural lighting does then make your photograph less effective as you cannot focus as well on the figure/object your wanting to concentrate on, and also makes your picture not as bold as it could be portrayed. 

I personally would say what really made these photos have that little extra effectiveness, was once I had also then gone on to edited them.

I mainly used an app called ‘snap seed’ but did use some others for some. For every image I edited the photograph to again link and match the theme that I want to portray, an example of this is if I was wanting to portray the theme of a dramatic darkened scene, I played around with; contrast,shadowing, stronger structures, vignettes and so on. This then really finishes of the picture for your final results to be shown.

Every now and then, I asked around from the other member of the group that are on my course, if the could evaluate and give me some feedback on my work.

I do feel that this helped as it gave me both complements for my work, 

Which then made me carry on included the things/ideas that were working to have more achievable photographs. But it also gave me some minor criticism such as in some of my pictures the focus need to be clearer and the lighting needed a slight improvement for just a few of my images, which then helped me improve on some of my pictures to then again hopefully next time round have higher improved and more successful outcomes on my photographs.

So Overall I do feel that this project went successful and I have shared a variety of photographs providing the evidence of my work.

If I was to do this project again but with some improvements, I would most likely concentrate more on the surrounding light and also I would invest and use a different variety of props to be able to achieve more humorous or extra effective images.

Stuck In Plastic- Research

This website above, is another good inspiration for the project I am currently doing.

The website contains a wide range of different photographers all that base their work on figured objects (Lego, Little people, etc.)

The website has allowed me to get varied ideas and inspiration due to the fact of such a wide range of different photographers with their own different outlook and ideas on the subject.

It not only gave me inspiration from the actual photographs but also inspiration on how to create good scenes, use lighting and also the set up.

I do overall feel that this website on the theme of plastic figure photography did inspire me with the idea of achieving Lego figure photographs on the bases of perspective & scale

Here are a Few that I personally like-

Photographs converted to B&W. Does it still look good without its colour? 




This picture I feel is still effect even without its colour. I feel that instead of having its bright saturation and expose to colour, It gives it still an edgy feeling.Its contrast even in black and white is still effective and is its shading.So I personally feel that the image even without the use of bright colour still works and is a successful picture.


This image again I feel works just as well in black and white. Already being a fairly dark image due to my choice of edit. This makes it easy to convert and still be a successful image once in B&W.


I particularly like this image in B&W, as I still feel although it has no colour the image its self, is strong enough. I feel this is due to the positioning of the figure looking like he’s adventuring, but also because of the Lego’s impression of that locked eye contact towards the viewer. The black and white effect does also work with this image, as it also gives a  powerful approach using the depth of contrast still used.


I again really like this one as I feel that the image (again with the use of being converted to B&W instead of colour.) really works, I feel that although I like the original edited photograph with the use of colour, I do also feel that Its still has the use of effectiveness and a subtle drama to it.


This photograph that has been converted to B&W, I feel is the one picture that although still looks ok and successful in a black & white edit, which can be seen to give it that nice and almost vintage look, does work better when in its colour as I feel i links to the theme better when in colour.

First Day of the Little Lego Project 🙂

These are my photographs of my first day of the little lego project.

For my first day I had to go out and about with my lego figures, and shoot a range of different scenes of my lego figure ‘living in the big  world’. I was informed that we had to use scale factor and perspective. I feel that although this was my first attempt of the set project, that I picked up on the idea quite fast and I feel this has helped me throughout the unit of this project.

The Rebel Twin’s…

For this my theme was to create the impression of two rebellious ‘twins’. I thought that I could give this impression by creating separate scenes that represent the Lego figures being mischievous.

I also tried to enhance this idea through the edit scheme I created. I have stuck to given the several pictures below, high contrast, dark shadowing, vignette surrounding the figures, and also low ambiance.

Mini family day out …

The theme here, is a small ‘Family day out’, with use of the different characters of Lego, I tried creating a family. I then using my surroundings, included scenes to have it look like a mini day out. I also tried using an effective technique, Of giving the impression that they were not posing for my camera, But posing for their own camera.In which they used to take photos of one another and also themselves.

The Little photographer 📷

This section Is mainly representing the lego figure that I have included in several different section and themed photographs, That I have placed in images to give the impression the the lego figure is actually taking the image. So this section, Is just including them several range of photos that the ‘Little photographer’ has taken.