About Me


My Blog is a big element of my Photography course, in which it provides a ย range of different outlooks of my work and different photography themes we have learnt throughout the course.

I am Rhiannon who has been studying photography for 3 years but I have wanted to take it further by studying an extra 1 year of photography at college.

I have a real interest in photography and have always been inspired by it.

I enjoy taken a wide range of different elements of photography, such as; Themed photography ( By this I mean I like to challenge my self to be able to deliver a specific theme I have chosen or been given and represent the image in the best way I can.) which also could be classed as Artistic Photography in which creative composition is the goal.

I also enjoy aesthetic photography, landscape photography( including city views, nature,sea etc.), different types of shutter speed ย photography, macro photography, fashion photography and many different varied types.



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