About Me

I am the Owner & Founder of Rhi-Rhi’s Photography. 


So That is Exactly What I did!

At the Age of Just 17 years old, I set up Rhi-Rhi’s Photography.

A self run Photography business, provided for Everyone!

I simply started with just a Camera….

Then I got my very own studio, Regular Clients!

Bigger opportunities! Doing big Events!

Being asked to do Wedding’s & Christenings! Being invited to be part of something special, Capturing the special Moments!

and Im still learning More Everyday!



I discovered my love for photography when doing My GCSE’S at Secondary school. I was not particularly fond of many other subjects, so I really put all my focus on this particular subject to which I studied the art for 2 years. I then after the two years, received myself an A*. To which I was very proud of myself, it then gave me the encouragement to then take this subject further.

Following this I then decided to study more about Photography at college.

I did a one year course, completing different projects and tasks throughout the year.  Although it was my final main project (My FMP), that I really had my chance to show my passion.

For this I chose an abstract idea of creating an  ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme (That I called, Mystery Tales in a Wonderland.) My aim was to indulge in the idea of fantasy, mystery and twists.  I started by Gathering up voluntary models,outfits,makeup,research, editing styles etc in order to start me off in the right direction to help create my desired outcome. This is also when I discovered how much I enjoyed doing the portrait photography!

Within this final project, due to my passion for both my free styled choice of theme and photography in it’s self,  I happily achieved a Distinction!

From these two big achievements, My set goal was to Start my Very own Photography Business! 





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