My Own Set Project!               “Mystery Tales In Wonderland!”

My project and my aim overall is to create a portfolio on my set theme 

‘Mystery Tales In Wonderland

I will do this by setting up scenes for photoshoots and having different subjects to model for me to be able capture the best photographs. 

As you most likely can tell from the title my overall aspect is to have mystery in my photographs, capturing the fantasy.

If you’ve ever seen the film or possibly read the book  of ‘Alice In A Wonderland ‘ and understood from either the illustration or the Filming, you will get an idea of the type of fantasy and mystery I will mostly be aiming for. That ; wacky,dark,mysterious, surreal feeling the film/book gives you. In hope to achieve my goal I will be starting off the project with loads of different reasearch some of which will also link to the ‘Alice in wonderland ‘ specifically. But some of which may just be similar or I may not actually be sure on at all. All of which are learning curves to achieve the best of what I aim to produce myself! 


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