Evaluation Of My Blog.

The use of my WordPress blog I feel has been successful.

Throughout my units/projects and my own work I have blogged, it has been successful.

I feel this due to how I have presented my blog, including its presentation,links, easy to work, very specific to find the area you are searching for.

I also feel that it has been successful due to it’s up going popularity.

When I was updating my post regularly and sharing my blog to social media sites.

I was receiving many views,likes , comments and feedback which I felt was a successful aspect to my blog. And it helped me improve my work further and to keep it up.

I do feel the slight down side is I didn’t always blog every unit.

To show all my work. But that can be resolved.

So overall I feel that using the blog and sharing my photography skills on here, has helped and has be successful for me personally to use.


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