Follow The Map-Cathedral Results

For this image I tried to more to link it historically with the well know cathedrals Lincoln Imp!

The lincoln Imp, is a myth story linked to Lincolnshire famous and biggest tourist attraction  . The Lincoln Imp can be found in the cathedral….the myth of the imp has been carved as a stone figure inside the cathedral.

I thought this would be the best idea to link with the cathedral as it excites children not only myths and legends ….but also the fact the its the excitement of a challenge to try and find where in the cathedral the Imp has been carved!



Lincoln Imp – Original (After colouring)


Lincoln Imp – colouring 2


Lincoln Imp – Edited

catherdral%202%20lincoln%20imp Here you’ll notice I have added my edited drawing to the original photograph of the cathedral.


I thought that just leaving the image as it was with the drawing of the Lincoln Imp plotted on the top of the cathedral didn’t particularly have an effective or intriguing motive.

So I furthered the edit to add text, titling the name of the building using font that relates to children and the colour to match the image.

I feel that this image looked much more better and effective once I had added the citing and re-adjusted my editing.


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