Follow The Map – Castle Results

Here is my re-invented image of the castle.

For this my idea was again to create that impact of ‘open your imagination’ and bringing that fantasy to life.

although I took several original images of the castle all of which I could of came up with a design to compliment both the image and the drawing together, I found that this was most likely the best image for the strongest results.

I feel that this original image is the best image to use out of them all due to the background…. although the others include, the image of the  castle on the hill with a flag raised ( a flag linking to what children also often notice about castles.)

dsc_0006or the image with the front of the castle including the canons…both of which images are effective.


Yet. I just felt personally that the image I had chosen to work with  the entrance of the castle  was the most effective and gave enough room in the image to include a drawing edit to be added. Where as the image of the castle with the canon in front is almost I feel effective all in it’s self, yet with my idea and the project it is based on I felt that, that image was not the best to use. There for I chose the other image to work on.

dsc_0026snapseed-1 Here you’ll notice I have edited the original. I have edited this image by editing and playing around with  the ambiance,contrast,saturation,tones,effects and shadows etc.

I edited the image to give it that softer and brighter approach as I feel that it looks more inviting to children than intimidating , rather than if it was dark and overly textured . img_0264img_0264-1  Here  is the image I had shared previously of my drawing and edit. For this image I actually didn’t use photoshop to fill the image in. I Drew and coloured in the image by hand. But then did an outer edit to give the image more depth.



Then Here we have My final overall piece.

As you’ll notice I’ve added the knight and dragon drawing to the front of the entrance of the castle. I did this by using photoshop and again by using the ‘lasso/polygon tool’ to cut and copy out the image to then paste the drawing to the original background layer of the castle.

After this I then started playing around and thought another good aspect would be if I could some how add a ray of light to shine on the knight…. So. I then did bait of re-search and figured out how I could create the illusion of light shining in the image.


After this I later went on to adding the writing ‘ Lincolnshire Castle’. I don’t particularly know how I feel about adding it, I used two different colours to also see wether or not it looked better depending what font/ colour I used, and also  wether or not it looks better with or without?  Although I del with the big bubble writing added with the name of the tourist attraction landmark. I feel that it is also a good thing to include.



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