First Final Follow The Map Image!

The Collection Museum !

My first finished piece is my Lincoln Collection Museum piece.

For all my pieces as you know my key element is to provide in this whole project  to illuminate the fantasy side of these,perhaps to a child/ children often rather boring places to visit…

So my overall idea was to create the impression that the fantasy often in a childs head comes to life.

My specific inspiration for the Collection museum, was actually through the link of the film ‘ Night in the museum.’ Although as you’ll notice with the lack of time and accessorise to in able me to create  ‘Mind blowing’ results and also the fact that its aimed at younger children also is why you’ll notice the edit’s onto the original photographs of  my drawings is more cartoon based due to the age group this project is aimed at.

you’ll see after browsing these above images that my originals were often blank… and not coloured in. This is actually due to the stronger more defining effect of using photoshop to fill in the images to give it that more solid and bold outcome.After filling in my drawings by using photoshop. I opened up my original photograph of the visit location I am advertising.  I then went around each drawing on photoshop using the ‘Lasso/polygon tool’ to outline the images to crop and copy them to then enable myself to then go on to pasting the images individually onto the original photograph, using the technique of layering.

          I then  after the colouring,cropping,copy and pasting etc And then applying them the the image,I later edited the original background image  just to give a slightly more brighter and colourful outcome but felt that it was best to leave it simple so it wasn’t unrecognisable to specifically find/notice.


final-collection-museum-1 I then Also Added a bold title in a font that often links to being used often to advertisement for children.


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