Find The..?

Here is my displayed ‘extra idea.’ this is a section of the map that I have came up with to firstly give the child a challenge that they will find exciting and hopefully be less bored when visiting these places and landmarks. Secondly to give the child a little game to play on there travels.

I feel like this little challenge that May be  included with my map is to younger children….aged 4+. But I feel with only basic challenges included in this section that this would not entertain an older child say 7-8+. For this reason I feel that I may add an extra section but aim it at slightly older children so children but still of varied age ranges can be intrigued in the map and find it exciting.
I asked a few people who have younger children and one parent and their child said

“Love the idea of your open imagination map, especially getting the kids involved in making their own adventure.I can’t wait to see the final project ”

Also had extra feedback including;

“My daughter loves little treasure hunts like looking for certain things around places e.g. The cathedral looking for a gargoyle in a particular part/room of the cathedral. I would say 6+ under 6 maybe simplify.”

I asked which they think her aged daughter would prefer.

“I actually think they are all good but if I was going to choose one I think, find the …

I’ve just asked my daughter and she also said the finding one as its like a treasure hunt which is always fun “


Click Below link to View


Find The..?







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