New Idea! – Follow The Map…

Originally  my ideas were (although not structured completely) were more based on ideas such as; using children to model enjoyment and excitement at these varied locations,linking this new project with my previous project combining the Children’s map with lego figures adventuring  from location-to- location… Although now, I’ve came up with a completely new idea… although again my ideas for this idea are also scattered with possibilities my overall idea is to go by the theme for children to ‘ Open Your imagination!’ .

My ‘Open your imagination’ idea overall is, to use my own or friends/families drawings use them to set and exciting and intriguing scene by editing the drawings on to photographs of the separate locations.




My New Idea, is based on a caption I came up with called ‘Open Your Imagination.’ The use of a caption/ slogan being used in most marketing areas is very popular I’ve noticed. It Draws peoples attention. Intrigues them in. And most importantly in some cases stays in the buyer/viewers head which makes the product of whatever kind more popular and rememberable.
Although including a caption/slogan is a great key element to marketing. It also links with my idea very well.

This is how I see it…

‘Open your imagination.’

The project as you know is based on trying to re-market Lincolnshire’s Children’s map. Make it intrigue for children, make a child keen to visit one of our well known landmarks. But although to an adult a basic picture of an accent building….popular landmark to visit…and of which the map includes a summary of factual history, is although entertaining to the adults. It’s NOT so entertaining for the children!

The children need something to make them want to visit these places, which they will often look at as ‘Boring’, my aim is to make children look at there map’s and make them feel excited to visit the buildings, being intrigued by them.

So here’s my overall idea so far…

The best way to explain my idea is to create a mental image in your head through a child’s perspective of a place. For instance we will say a Castle.

Think of what your children or even when you was a child, what did or would you imagine a castle to be like? what did a castle link with? what made that place magical, exciting?

A child’s imagination is much greater than someone who is older.

To a child you mention a castle and they often will think of fantasy thing’s!
Such as Dragons, breathing fire! princesses trapped in towers! knights fighting the dragons or the ‘baddies’ or the knights saving the princess!
All of which that use of imagination is what will intrigue and make a place much more enjoyable to a child.

I am going to have my original photographs of these famous landmarks of Lincoln, and photoshop on drawings of cartoon and child like looking characters of fantasy figures onto the original image. Im Hoping this idea will draw the children in by bringing what they’d most likely imagine into the place there visiting.
Make it look exciting! let the child ‘ Open their imagination.’img_0264-2


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