Follow The Map Ideas….

For this unit I have been undecided what to do, to create a creative, eye-catching and fun map for children.

Although I think I now have several strong ideas that I could use to create a map that children would really find intriguing and fun.

Here are several of my ideas.


follow the map-3.jpg

These several ideas (although my own) are what many advertising companies use when trying to particularly advertise a destination or similar thing to children.

They often use the idea of showing either cartoon drawing’s of characters or children playing, having fun, smiling and adventuring around. This clearly catches the child’s eye, as it looks exciting and fun and makes the child want to go to them places so they can smile and have fun too.

They also often use bright colours to give it that sense of a happy feeling that also catches most people eye’s in comparison to something looking dark or gloomy, which would often put a family off when wanting a nice, happy day out….

The advertising also needs to include adults as well, cause although the projects aimed to catch children’s eye’s you also want a little aspect that the adults also are attracted to it, to make it feel and give off the impression that ‘ Ooh that looks exciting, im sure the family would have fun together there.’  so it does also need to look ideal to an adult as well so that they also feel it would be a nice place to visit where the children would really enjoy

Like I also mentioned on my mind map, is the idea of using interactive games. Many advertising companies for destination such as using maps or even on menus try to again catch the child’s eye by including a mini game, this draws the child in more as not only is does the map look exciting due to the colour and places but also due to the fact it not only looks exciting but now is as they can now join in by playing and accomplishing a game. Which could be done on the journey to their exciting destination there are visiting or even just when the family want to take a short cafe break, it keeps the child entertained.



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