New Project!- Follow The Map… 28.11.16

We have been assigned a new project for our unit 5 piece of work. 

For this we have to aim at creating a Child friendly, yet exciting, fun and intriguing  map of my local City, including all the specific places that are the key tourist attractions to Lincolnshire City. 

For example;

  • Magna Carta and the Charter of the Forest.
  • Lincoln Castle.
  • Sightseeing Bus Tour.
  • Lincoln Cathedral.
  • Ellis Mill.
  • Museum Of Lincolnshire Life.
  • The Collection museum.


This project is particularly designed to strengthen our confidence & familiarity with the skills, knowledge & understanding necessary to achieve successfully. 

In order to develop our professional skills, I will need to explore widely the potential ideas and places suitable for this particular task. 

I will research from several different sources to hopefully gain inspiration to help me develop my own ideas and to also continuously review the progress of my own work to ensure it meets the correct creative intentions and the requirements of the brief. 

Through out the new project that I have been set, I will add blog entries such as; My ideas for the project, both overall and for each shoot. I will also include my research that I gain throughout the project and also my overall outcome of the project including an overall evaluation.



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