Samsofy – Lego Photographer

Samsofy was a photographer that lived in  Lyon who was  born in 1981.

He officially started his photography career in  in extreme sports photography in urban areas. 

Although soon moved his focus of work around the very appreciated small yellow characters (e.g Lego Figures.)

He then combined his techniques of photography, e.g street art, model making and installation to deliver a message, which often mixes politics, humor and poetry.
He represents the theme of  playing around with scales and matter in order to alter perception.

He says that his technique is to achieve the idea of “trying to take pictures that mixes the extremely big and the microscopic to help the naked eye discover what one can’t see usually.”

His work has inspired me for my own project, the use of his varied techniques and ideas gave me some inspiration to what type of things I could achieve for my own work.

For example some of my most liked photographs from his work are the following-





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