Photographs converted to B&W. Does it still look good without its colour?Β 




This picture I feel is still effect even without its colour. I feel that instead of having its bright saturation and expose to colour, It gives it still an edgy feeling.Its contrast even in black and white is still effective and is its shading.So I personally feel that the image even without the use of bright colour still works and is a successful picture.


This image again I feel works just as well in black and white. Already being a fairly dark image due to my choice of edit. This makes it easy to convert and still be a successful image once in B&W.


I particularly like this image in B&W, as I still feel although it has no colour the image its self, is strong enough. I feel this is due to the positioning of the figure looking like he’s adventuring, but also because of the Lego’s impression of that locked eye contact towards the viewer. The black and white effect does also work with this image, as it also gives a Β powerful approach using the depth of contrast still used.


I again really like this one as I feel that the image (again with the use of being converted to B&W instead of colour.) really works, I feel that although I like the original edited photograph with the use of colour, I do also feel that Its still has the use of effectiveness and a subtle drama to it.


This photograph that has been converted to B&W, I feel is the one picture that although still looks ok and successful in a black & white edit, which can be seen to give it that nice and almost vintage look, does work better when in its colour as I feel i links to the theme better when in colour.


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