Mini winter wonderland- ft. Lego Santa  

Here I have tried to create a mini setup of a ‘santa & winter wonderland’ theme. I created a scenery, containing cotton buds for the thick layer of ‘snow’ on the floor, a background and also a christmas tree with ‘snow’ on it. I feel that although only a few picks that these images are fairly successful, in making the Lego figure looking although its size, still fairly small.

I have edited this picture, in a way that brightens the image as much as I can to give it a nice atmosphere feeling. I have done this by heightening the saturation,brightness,highlights and also softening the structure in order to give a softer feeling to the cotton buds to give more of a soft settled ‘snow’.

This image I like due to it looks as if the Lego figure is sinking in the ‘snow’ which I feel could be seen as fairly humours. I also again like this image due to its soft outlook I feel that this is really effective.

Here I have tried out a different editing technique, instead of a more birghter outcome I decided to try a darker effect, although I still feel that to improve I should kept the more brighter edit effect as I feel it fits the theme better and also heightened the focus onto the figure.. Although I still think that it has some effective traits, such as the soften structure still included and also the Lego figures position I have set it to.


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