The Little Lego Project-

These are my personal 4 favorite little figure images for this week.

I have received feedback from other members on the course; I will use this to improve my future photographs.

The feedback I have received is the following.

“I really like the third picture as it works really well with the lego and its surroundings.”

From this I will take the advantage of knowing that trying to mach a surrounding to the lego figures general theme is an eye catching aspect to the image and try to keep including this in some of my future pictures.

” The quality of your photo’s are good.” 

From this feedback comment, I will carry on to use the perspective technique and continuing on  concentrating  and keeping the strong sense of focus of the image.

” I like all your pictures. Good layout. Good Light. Also Good ideas.”

From this I appreciate the feedback and will continue to vary my ideas and continue putting my all effort in. 

Some improvement feedbacks I have received are;

“Some are vaguely out of focus.”

“You could explore more angles within your pictures.”

From this feedback I will keep this in mind to improve my future images, In making sure I always correct my angle and keep up the concentration on focus. the Lego man.

“For me there is nothing to change everything is very good.”

which again I really appreciate all the feedback that has been given.

So overall for the upcoming future images of my photography in this particular project, I will take in mind the use of angles and stronger focus to continue and further improve my photographs for better effect.



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