Yorkshire Sculpture Park

On the 1st of November we went on a trip to Yorkshire sculpture park.

The aim of this particular trip was to really capture some great perspective images. 
Being at Yorkshire sculpture park was a good benefit to particular  aiming on perspective photography. The sculpture park had giant ordements and status, such as the ‘kaws’ these model status are huge, (especially in comparison to my Lego figure.) 

My aim was now to make the Lego figure almost look the same size to these giant sculptures.
Although personally I did not particularly take the task on correctly, I did not manage to get any photographs of perspective being shown against the ‘kaw’ sculptures due to the lack of quite understanding the objective at the time.

But I still have these images of the Lego figure still showing scale and perspective from the trip.

Although I did not particularly achieve my perspective images successfully, I personally feel that I still got some good shots still providing a recognition of scale.

And now 2 weeks into the project with practice and more understanding  I feel that I can easily achieve both scale and perspective successfully.
Below are some of the sculpture at Yorkshire sculpture park.


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