The Little Worker πŸ”¨

I like this picture mainly due to the angle it has been taken, using a birds eyed view, I feel really plays on the scale factor, as it shows how small in comparison the ‘Little Worker’ is compared to the ordinary sized boots, which I also liked that I included these boots, because they do also relate to the theme of a builder as a wide range of builders often wear similar design boots, so thought that was a little extra factor to the image. However I feel to improve this particular image, focus is a key element to improve on.




for this Picture I do like the texture that I have given as I feel it gives a good effect but again I feel focus Is the key element to concentrate and improve more on fr the image to be better.



I Like this image beacsue I feel it gives a good scale factor, it represents the ‘little worker’ ‘living’ in a big world. Β I also like that the focus is a strong point to the image as I feel it gives much more of an effective look. I also purposley used the traffic cone for the out of focus background to try and again include the idea of the ‘Little worker’ on a building site.Β 

I then also like this image for the opposite reason from the similar above picture. Instead of trying to make the Lego man look petite and in a huge world, Ive instead tried to portray the idea that the Lego man is similar size to its surroundings. I have done this technique, by using perspective. This is done by the use of camera angles. For example here I have used a lower angle, shooting the photograph from a low angle but tilting it up the object (in this case shooting and angling the camera at the lego mans feet level and raising/ tilting the camera slightly up towards the objects head.) This then gives the impression the object/Lego man is actually a lot bigger than its actual size.hich I feel is a very effective technique. Although I would improve this image by editing the photograph,by maybe adding a depth of vignette around the lego man really helping focus on to the object and also maybe adding darker contrast and shadowing and adding a harder structure, to give more of a textured look.



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