Pose For the Camera….

For this I have taken a range of scenes to portray the idea that the Lego figure people, are either taken a picture if themselves or one another.

I really like this effect as I feel especially when the image is taken in a different perspective it can really be intriguing to see as a photographer due to its unusually eye-catching effect of it perhaps in a way, looking like the Lego figure is actually taking a photo of something and looks like a realistic scene.


For this I personally like the theme of whats going on. I have tried to make it come across that the ‘family’ is taken a group photo of themselves, I personally think this is effective as it displays the perspective of them that makes them look bigger than their size and almost makes them match their surroundings in height to the average person. I also like how I have included the aspect of relating the image to ย what an actual family would most likely pose like and what pictures they would take if they were on a family day out. Although to improve this image I would most likely get a more even focus…& also remove the bit of dirt trapped in the female Lego figures arm.

I do like this image, because I think it gives of a sence of character. For instants the Lego woman really looks like she is posing for the ‘camera’ to which in this case (as its themed as a family day out) is her ‘husband’ who is taking a photograph of both her and the ‘child’, yet its more focused on to her, due to her showing intense and direct eye contact to the Lego mans personal ‘camera. I also like this photo du to its again representing a family’s day out and what they would take a picture of, I feel that you do on a day out take random pictures of each other and the ‘husband’ Lego figure, is simply relating to just taking a random picture of his family on their day out. Although to further improve this image I would next time like a better surrounding of setting, for instant a street, castle entrance,etc something other than a wall.

This image I like due to the slight tilt on who should mostly be in focus. Because although it’s the women Lego figure posing and getting her photograph taken, I wanted the actual focus set on to the Lego figure who is giving the impression that he is taken the photograph, I feel personally that this is really effected.I also although blurred for the reasons just discussed, I like the surroundings to which this was set, its at a little church, and just looks like a nice photograph for a couple to take of one another.



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