The Little Fashion Worker 👗

For this mini task that I set for myself, I decided to create a ‘fashion studio’.

I had this idea from searching around my home for ideas and a looking for a different range of different props that I may be able to use. I noticed that I had  black metal mannequin as a little dressing table accessory.

From this I had the idea of setting some scenes with the  objective of trying to successfully portray a fashion studio look. I also kept in mind different scale and perspectives that I should use.

I first off all started off with searching for small- to -meadium box, that I could then set my scene up in.

After finding the outer layer (the box.) I then had the idea that I should (in order to achieve a recognisable theme) decorate the box with different images and outlays to really portray that sense that it is a fashion studio.

I started of by printing a simple wallpaper, a hardwood dark floor (to easily match the wallpaper) and also a clothes rack for the background corner.

(Also to be added the background images, such as the wallpaper , floor and clothes rack aren’t my own images.)

After I had finished decorating the box to, I feel succefully achieving the sense of a fashion studio outlook. Went on to setting up my mannequin and Lego figure.

I placed the mannequin specifically in the pot it’s stood, this was because I felt that from an angled views I am still also able to caputure the background images.

Fashion figure Lego Photography

I like this image due to the objective being met in the sense of scale. I feel that although the figure still looks small in height. He fit wells to the images outcome. I also like this image due to its fast saturation and brightness. Although I feel to further improve this image I would consentrate in checking wether my camera is fully focused correctly.

I simply like this picture just due to its angled view. I feel that viewing these objects that sent to much of a healthy difference to one another, and capturing the scene from a birds eyed view, I feel is rather effective. I will say I would I would again want to make sure I really capture at the right time when the figure is clearly being focused on.

This photo again shows that sense of perspective, of making the Lego figure look almost the same height as something which is actually taller than its self. I particularly like the extra focus on the Lego figure and then it’s blurred background in this image. I feel the picture has a sense of boldness to it due to that again extra focus on the Lego figure it’s self.


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