Circus 🎠

The theme I was going for with this certain section of the project, was to portray the idea that the Lego figure (who is themed as a circus ring master.) was to be seen as “training” the chicken. I feel that overall this idea went well, but I will soon be adding some extra images to really capture the Circus master theme.

I like this image because I like the impression that the photograph is giving of. To me the photograph is suggesting that the Circus Master (e.g. The Lego man.) is scared and that the ‘chicken’ is in control, leaving the Lego man looking nervous and fearful. Although I figure to improve this image It would look better with maybe some background props to be able to really have a strong understanding from an outsiders view of the particular theme. I also feel to further improve this image, that the specific saturation and brightness of the ‘chicken’ could be heightened, to make the chicken really stand out.

I like this image again to the theme that is being given, that the Lego man/ Circus master. is trying to train the ‘chicken’, I feel that with the use of the high saturation and brightness and also the slightly higher ambiance really gives it that nice brightness to it, that I feel captures the viewer’s eye. Although  to further improve my photograph image, I think it would benefit better with again props being added, and maybe also an advertisement of a circus sign in the background to give it a stronger recognition of its theme and to also give it a little extra. 


I like this image overall due to its approach of the impression that the Lego man is smiling, and the fact the ‘chicken’ has been placed directly beside him. This personally gives me the feeling  of the ending of a ‘show’. I think this is due to the expression on the Lego mans face and the way the lego man and the ‘chicken’ are both placed. Although I would further improve this image by having a higher focus on to the lego man and the prop of the chicken, to really emphasise that their the focus of the photograph. I also think I use a vignette effect, which I would then  give of a darker outer brightness and intensify the inner brightness.


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