The Little Chef πŸ


I like this picture because of the scene that I have set up. I feel that the scene really makes the image effective, I feel that it does use a strong scale factor of making the Lego man really looks small, and in an ‘over-sized’ world. For example here i have tried to make the Lego man look like a little chef. I have tried to do this by just having the surrounding objects, suggesting the idea of just making a cup of coffee,although still looks like a big task in comparison to the Lego man… I particularly like and feel that its effective to where I have placed the Lego figure. I feel that by placing it in the centre of these objects, It really discriminates the ever so small lego object by being surrounded by large overcasting objects. I feel that what makes the lego inure look as small as it is, is if you compare it to the spoon. The spoon in comparison is really big and this is one of the effective elements to the image overall. I also like the edit effect I have included, which is a depth of contrast to Β the darker surroundings,vignette,shadows highlights, and a strong structure to show the grains of sugar more precisely.

I like this birds-eyed view that I have included, as I feel that It really plays on the idea of making the Lego figure look very small especially in comparison to the biscuit. I also feel that this picture can be seen as fairly humourous,as I feel it looks like the Lego figure is almost sneaking off after nicking the section of biscuit. Although I feel despite the good angel and theme, It could be improved on focus, and I feel this is also due to the lack of lighting surrounding the figure.


The Little Baker – I like this image because I feel it gives of the real impression of the Little Chef Lego man, actually has baked this pastry. I feel the scale is shown due to the size of the Lego figure in comparison to the pastry. The pastry is obviously a lot larger than the Lego figure which is why it gives the extra emphasis on the tiny ness of the Lego figure. I also like this particular image as I’ve tried to portray a vintage effect to really give it that old fashion baker feel.

The Little Baker


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