Little Lego Project-


These are my personal 4 favorite little figure images for this week.


I have received feedback from other members on the course; I will use this to improve my future photographs.


The feedback I have received is the following.


“ The use of colour is really well. Specifically the policeman (e.g. the image that the Lego man is hanging from a willow tree stem.) The way it is shot is also very good”


From this I will take the advantage of knowing that the bright colour is an eye catching aspect to the image and try to keep including this in some of my future pictures.


“ The image of the Lego man climbing up the vine, looks really dark & dangerous as if the Lego man is a normal size & just in a really large environment.”


From this feedback comment, I will carry on to use the perspective technique of the image and also the edit filters that I have added to keep and give that depth of having the dramatic outlook on my future images.



Some improvement feedbacks I have received are;


“ The image of the Lego man could have been taken in an other way to make it look better. Also you could out both hands on to the stem to make it look like the Lego man is hanging on”


From this feedback I will keep this in mind to improve my future images, In making sure I always correct my angle and perspective on the Lego man.


So overall for the upcoming future images of my photography in this particular project, I will take in mind the use of strong bold & bright colour is effective, yet also is the depth of darkness, but this depending on what I want the image to portray.

I will also take in mind on correcting my angles and how the Lego man is viewed and what perspective will be more effective.


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