Unit 3-4 Photography assignment.

For this assignment I have been asked to work with a small Lego figure.

The starting point of this project is to look at the work of some other photographers who actually specialise in this area of photography.

This includes Mike Stimposn, a photographer who goes by the name of Slinkachu, who has inspired me with his work.

Mike stimposn/slinkachu, Is a male photographer who lives in London. Most of his photography work is based on little figures, unlike what I intend to use (lego) he uses these little figured people,  but  he still catches the different aspects of scale and perspective.

Here is several examples of his work.



His work I feel will help me gather ideas for my future shoots, as he’s work has helped and inspired me for some ideas I could use.

By successfully achieving this assignment, I will need to continually think about scale and perspective. Will my Lego figure ‘live’ in a world where they are small or if a giant in the world.

I will be blogging my daily shoots of the different scenarios and location of the Lego figured people who I have created.




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